Presley is a male Ariegeois Hound estimated to be born January 2022, admitted January 2023.

Presley by name Presley by nature....this boy "sings" all day long! Ariegeois hounds are well known for their chatty nature. He is so precious, so delicate, he really loves his kennel mates and you can almost feel him trying to look after them even though he is the anxious and timid one. When he allows the attention he loves it but he will still avoid strangers can even sometimes take a minute for him to approach the people he knows but considering the chaotic environment he is in he has made a lot of progress. He is fine eating with other dogs and is very respectful of them. Presley was not in the best condition when he arrived but with nurturing he is blossoming so imagine how this boy will transform in the right environment! He definitely needs another canine friend and a calm home environment away from busy city life.
  • Tag 48
  • Gender male