Charles is a male English Pointer estimated to be born September 2019, admitted January 2023.

Charles was found on death’s door after being abandoned for the 3rd time because he was not a good hunting tool! We tracked down the original owner and transferred ownership and we’ve never looked back. Charles has an incredible thirst for life. He is playful, affectionate, endearing but also a funny character. Charles is strong on the lead but is not let off lead unless in a secure area because he will go where his nose will take him. Charles is also a skilful climber so a very secure home and garden are needed to keep this lovely lemon from taking off. He has no recall training but is very responsive and loves being around humans. Unfortunately Charles spends too many hours alone because we don’t have a kennel mate to match his energy. He can play rough when he gets in the zone and he is super-fast. Charles is wonderful with children.

  • Tag 45
  • Gender male