Sponsor a dog

Why to Sponsor a Dog

There are many dogs at Sirius who may never find a new home and will see out their life in the Sanctuary. This is due to many reasons. Some are older, not very pretty, have disabilities or just not noticed by people looking to adopt.

You are welcome to sponsor one of these dogs and follow their progress and your sponsorship certificate will be displayed on the chosen dogs’ pen.

Sponsorship funds are used for food and medical necessities, houses or doggie clothing for winter and in some cases for long term medication.

Neutering and Spaying program:

Sirius neuters all of the dogs in the Sanctuary but funds are limited. You can sponsor to help neutering costs thus ensuring you are helping to tackle the problem of more unwanted dogs in Cyprus.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of our dogs,or help out in our "Neutering and Spaying" program please fill in the form below.

Η μηνιαία εισφορά μου θα είναι
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Για χορηγία σκύλου / For dog sponsorship:

5€    10€    20€    30€

Για πρόγραμμα στείρωσης / For Neutering and Spaying Program ( 85€ ):
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Method of Payment:

επιταγή /cheque    τραπεζική κατάθεση / bank deposit    paypal