Who we are

Welcome to Sirius Dog Sanctuary, a voluntary organisation devoted to the welfare of the stray dogs of Cyprus. Our name refers to Sirius, the Dog Star and is the brightest star in the night sky.We operate a sanctuary in Moni, near Limassol, where we currently house over 150 dogs of all ages and breeds, all waiting to be found caring homes.

The Sanctuary survives purely through the hard work of volunteers and the committee. All Europeans, all animal lovers, who are dedicated to make the dogs as comfortable as possible and encourage re-homing. It relies on donations from members subscriptions and any funds friends and volunteers can raise from various events.

The Sanctuary was originally situated in the Polemidia area of Limassol and belonged to the Municipality for five years, then it moved to Alassa. The dogs have lived in their present site, a large warehouse, since 2010. We are currently organizing a Team which will handle Fundraising for the construction of our New sanctuary. Our policy is never to euthanise any healthy dogs, and to spay all new dogs that arrive, to ensure that no unwanted pregnancies occur which would exacerbate the already serious situation in Cyprus of abandoned dogs.

We invite you to help us in our work by volunteering a few hours weekly to work in the Sanctuary, or by donating money, food or equipment to be used for the dogs.
Dedicated volunteers at Sirius Dog Sanctuary work extremely hard, under very difficult circumstances to rehome dogs and puppies. Many now travel overseas with homing in Finland, Germany and the UK. This is a fantastic achievement.

Given the lack of funding, Sirius is reliant on the generosity of the public, and the fundraising efforts of the volunteers and supporters. There is a critical shortage of volunteers to work at the Sanctuary. Without animal lovers giving of their time and effort, the Sanctuary cannot carry out its task to provide a safe and secure home for the abandoned and abused dogs and puppies of Limassol, until a new and caring home can be found.

If you feel you would like to help us in our work and help our Team grow stronger, please get in touch. Click here to get our contact details!

"Sirius dog Sanctuary Registered Charity in Cyprus N:318."