Microchip & Registration-ENGLISH


The number of dog owners in Cyprus is high and keeps on rising. Dogs are the most common pets, not only because of what they offer us through their company, but also because they are the intelligent and easy trained beings and may be used as valuable “assistants” in various jobs.Responsible ownership is the cornerstone for their protection and welfare. Dogs are widely regarded as man’s best friend and in any case cannot be used as some kind of toy. A pet Dog is an animal which depends directly on humans and its possession requires care, respect to its needs and above all total responsibility. Therefore, dog owners must ensure both the health and care of their pets and their marking and registration.


In Cyprus, dog ownership is governed by the Dog Law of 2002 and 2005, as modified or replaced. In these laws, including and/or defining the obligations of dog owners, including mandatory marking of dogs, their enrollment in a register kept in the Veterinary Services and the license from the local authority (City or Community Council) of the residence of the dog.


The only acceptable method of marking of dogs in Cyprus is the implantation subcutaneously of a microchip. The marking of animals exclusively by tattoo is not acceptable in Cyprus. An animal can certainly bear a tattoo, but by law must be microchip-ed. The microchip is placed in the second half of the neck and between the two shoulders of
the animal. The installation is very simple and can be done by any registered private Veterinarian. After the placement of the microchip, the veterinarian will complete the dog’s and its owner’s details in the health book or passport.


The registration of dogs in the Register of Veterinary Services is possible only after the identification of the animal, either directly through the Internet by the veterinarian who carried out the marking or in one of the local District Veterinary Offices. If the process of registration is carried out online by the veterinarian who has performed the marking of the dog, the owner is not required to visit the Veterinary Services for making the recording. If the Veterinary does not have access to register the dog, then the owner must visit one of the local District Veterinary Offices to do the registration. After the dog's registration, a certificate of permanent “marker” is issued, which is given to the owner. Note that since 2009 no fees are charged for the registration of dogs in the veterinary services register, therefore it is Free.To get a dog marked (Microchip-ed) is only useful if the dog is registered in the Veterinary services register as the search of the owner of a found dog which has an unregistered microchip is practically impossible.


After registration, in order for the owner to gain possession of the relevant license, he/she must present to the local authority of residence of the dog the registration and microchip certificate together with the dogs health book or passport. For more information, citizens may apply to the Veterinary Services or Community Council in their area.