Smokey is a male Siberian Husky estimated to be born July 2016, admitted July 2018.
Smokey was found tied on a carob tree outside the shelter. His fur was in terrible condition but obviously neglected. 
After his visit to the vet we book him for a professional grooming with our volunteer Christina (The Dog House). And this is the result.
Smokey is a stunning boy. He is very friendly and really enjoys being around peope. You can see it in his wonderful blue eyes, you can feel in on the way he moves that he loves people.
Smokey will be a wonderful addition to an experienced family.



A - 95cm
B - 67cm
C - 92cm

A. From the tip of the nose to the root of the tail
B. From the shoulder to the ground
C. From the floor to the tip of the ears or the top
of the head

  • Tag 29
  • Gender male