Romeo is a male Wirehaired Pointer cross estimated to be born August 2016, admitted August 2018.
A lady was feeding Romeo for more than a month and trying to make him trust him in order to catch him. After seeing that catching him was impossible she contacted us for help. 2 of our volunteers with the help of some other supporters tried for many days to catch him but again this boy gave them the hardest time.
So after asking Neophytos to help, he arrived with a trap in a matter of 5 minutes our boy was in. 
Romeo gets on well with other dogs and enjoys his walks. He is a very well behaved and clever boy.


A - 76cm
B - 54cm
C - 71cm

A. From the tip of the nose to the root of the tail
B. From the shoulder to the ground
C. From the floor to the tip of the ears or the top
of the head


  • Tag 14
  • Gender male