Mavro is a male Pointer cross estimated to be born March 2013, admitted March 2019.
We received a plea for help from the Government Veterinary Services about Mavro and his friend Marley that were kept in terrible conditions and of course we agreed to take them in. 
Mavro had a terrible skin problem due to fleas. He was on day by day baths with a special shampoo and his skin is now fully recovered.
He is a very well behaved boy. He is wary around people he does not know but you can clearly see his need for love.


A - 88cm
B - 54cm
C - 71cm

A. From the tip of the nose to the root of the tail
B. From the shoulder to the ground
C. From the floor to the tip of the ears or the top of the head

  • Tag 80
  • Gender male