Bramble is a male Shepherd cross estimated to be born February 2018, admitted October 2018.
Bramble was rescued by volunteers at Petra tou Romiou in Pafos. They were returning from the airport when they spotted him. He was not easy to catch. He went into the bushes and they both had to crawl in them in order to get him. He was so scared that before you even touch him he started screaming. He is much much better now. He is very very affectionate. He loves cuddles and being around people. He is great with other dogs.


A - 85cm
B - 64cm
C - 75cm

A. From the tip of the nose to the root of the tail
B. From the shoulder to the ground
C. From the floor to the tip of the ears or the top
of the head

  • Tag 72
  • Gender male